Videography & Video (Filming)


Need to add video marketing to your routine? Our team will organize every talented stylist, models, sets, locations, and even the props. If you want to handpick the models, the stylists, the locations, and the props, our producer will make it happen.

While that’s happening our director and post-production team will be planning out all the shots and moves. They’ll have ready-to-go solutions on the shoot date and set up everything in the days leading up to the day to increase productivity and flow. After the shoot, it’s off to post-production for review, compiling, and editing. During this process, we’ll go through rounds of revisions to bring it to the final video.

Post-Production Areas of Consideration

  • Color improvements
  • Special motion graphics
  • Voice over sync
  • Audio selection and sync
  • Text overlay graphics

Additional information

Yearly Revenue

$500K or less, $500k to $1M, $1M or more

# of Days

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 +